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Hemis Festival 2018 Images Hd Wallpapers Ladakh Monestry Pics Dp: The patio of Hemis Gompa – the greatest Buddhist religious community in Ladakh, is the phase for the well known “Hemis” celebration, that praises the birth commemoration of Guru Padmasambhava. The vivid two-day exhibition falls on the tenth day (Tse-Chu) of the Tibetan lunar month. The Hemis Festival is held each year in the Hemis Monastery, the greatest Buddhist religious community of Ladakh. The Hemis celebration happens in the rectangular patio before the fundamental entryway of the religious community. Space is wide and open spare two raised square stages, three feet high with a consecrated post in the inside.

A raised dais with a luxuriously padded seat with a finely painted little Tibetan table is set with the formal things – mugs loaded with blessed water, uncooked rice, tormas made of batter and margarine and incense sticks. Various artists play the customary music with four sets of cymbals, expansive skillet drums, little trumpets and substantial size wind instruments. By them, a little space is appointed for the lamas to sit. Amid the celebration, the Lamas assemble around the focal flagpole in the yard of the religious community and perform cover moves and sacrosanct plays. Their exhibitions are joined by the music from drums, cymbals, and long horns.

The function starts right in the morning with the pounding hints of customary Ladakhi musical instruments like cymbals, vast skillet drums, trumpets, huge wind instruments, wind funnels and so forth. Lamas play out their mark veil move – the ‘Cham’- wearing some truly repulsive covers, red-robes, tall tufted caps and extravagant garments made of brocade, silk, and such other imperial fabrics. The lama artists partition themselves into evil spirits and divine beings. The move speaks to the triumph of good over underhandedness. Alongside the cover move, numerous hallowed plays are likewise performed amid the festivals of Hemis celebration. Numerous stories are additionally informed that set up the triumph of good over malice.

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Padmasambhava at Hemis Monastery





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