Leaked: Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name 2017: BB11 Prize Money, Grand Finale 14th January 2018

Leaked: Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name 2017: BB11 Prize Money, Grand Finale 14th January 2018: – As you, all may know that Bigg Boss Season 11 is going on and finale episode is so close which is why we all are excited about it. Also, the market is full of the suggestions, rumors, and prediction for the winner name of Bigg Boss season 11. Overall, reports are coming that anybody can win this amazing show because of the good performance and public support. As you all may know that Public Support is only one thing which will need the most for the winning title. Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name

Overall, if we talk about the chances and prediction then two names are spreading all over the Internet. Some people are looking confident and saying that Hina Khan will win the show. On the other hand, some other people are claiming that Shilpa is the one who is going to win this title for herself. Except for these two contestants, some people are claiming that Vikas and Luv could be the one who is going to get the winning title.

  1. Shilpa Shinde:- 80% chance to win.
  2. Hina Khan:- 70% chances to win the show.
  3. Luv Tyagi:- 65% chances.
  4. Akash Dadlani:- 60% chances.
  5. Vikas Gupta:- 60% chances.

Here, we aren’t saying that Puneesh and Akash aren’t competitive but still the competition is high between Hina-Shilpa and Vikas- Luv, and after that Puneesh-Akash. Overall, we aren’t predicting anything because at this stage of the game it is really hard to say who is going to be the winner of BB season 11. According to the recent episode where Luv, Hina, Shilpa, and Vikas were out at mall and fans cheered loudly for all of them it is so hard to predict.

You all may know that the season 1 of the Bigg Boss was hosted by Arshad Warsi, 2nd season by Shilpa Shetty, 3rd season by Amitabh Bachchan and fifth season by Sanjay Dutt. The rest all the season was hosted by the Bollywood actor Salman Khan. Overall, Bigg Boss Season 11 was epic because it really crossed so many controversies and made everyone fall in love with this show.

Bigg Boss 11 Prize Money

Bigg Boss 11 winner in the house will also get a handsome prize money as Bigg Boss 11 Prize money and that is 51 lakh. But let see how will Bigg Boss manage this money whether he will use this money for some tasks or not. If no, then the prize money will be fixed and that is, 51 lakhs. But if Bigg Boss uses this money for some tasks then maybe it will cut down just like a Bigg Boss 10th season then it will depend on the game completely.

Some rumors are suggesting that Shipla could be the one who goes the winning title of BB 11. Overall, we are not saying that this could really be going to happen but we are expecting that she is more deserving and surely going to win the title for sure. Let’s see who is really going to win the title of this show but we are expecting a good winning so far.

Bigg Boss Winners of all Seasons

Bigg Boss Season Host Name Winner Name
Bigg Boss 1 Winner Arshad Warsi Rahul Roy
Bigg Boss 2 Winner Shilpa Shetty Ashutosh Rana
Bigg Boss 3 Winner Amitabh Bachan Vindu Dara Singh
Bigg Boss 4 Winner Salman Khan Shewta Tiwari
Bigg Boss 5 Winner Sanjay Dutt & Salman Khan Juhi Parmar
Bigg Boss 6 Winner Salman Khan Urvashi Dholakia
Bigg Boss 7 Winner Salman Khan Gauhar Khan
Bigg Boss 8 Winner Farah Khan & Salman Khan Gautam Gulati
Bigg Boss 9 Winner Salman Khan Prince Narula
Bigg Boss 10 Winner Salman Khan Manveer Gurjar
Bigg Boss 11 Winner Salman Khan ????

Let us know in the comment section who will win Bigg Boss 11 2017?

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