Huzhou Goldrich Linen Textile Co.,Ltd.

1.Wet-spinning semi bleached linen yarn, dew retting linen yarns with various yarn counts      36Nm, 39Nm, 42Nm, 48Nm, 50Nm, 60Nm, 70Nm, 75Nm

2.Wet-spinning top dyed line yarn (Melange) with various yarn counts                  26Nm, 28Nm, 33Nm, 36Nm, 48Nm

3.Wet-spinning silk & linen (30%/70%, 50%/50%)          39Nm, 42Nm, 50Nm, 60Nm


Our products

Each root of flax, gathered in the sun, rain and life.

Each root linen, all together we love it.

Our products contain our yearning for a better life.

Our products are the hope for the future.

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