Huzhou Goldrich Linen Textile Co.,Ltd.

Our products manufacturing

The foundation for producing excellent products is Selection of high-quality
flax raw material

Main original places of raw material: we only choose the high-quality flax
produced in France and Belgium.

Storage of raw materials: the operating cycles of all the materials are within
120 days.

Matching of raw materials: use advanced and precise apparatus to match the raw materials scientifically.

Equipment management is the basis

Reasonable equipment allocation: possess the advanced equipments both from Italy and China.

Inspect and maintain the equipments periodically, pay close attention to the operation of equipments, upgrade and reconstruct the equipments in time to maintain the advancement of the production equipments.

Implementation of craftwork quality control in the whole process is the guarantee of qualified products

Ensure the advancement and leading position of spinning technology.

Strictly monitor each production procedure to ensure the product quality.

Use delicate testing apparatus to test the product quality.

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