Huzhou Goldrich Linen Textile Co.,Ltd.

Huzhou Goldrich Linen Textile Co.,Ltd. locates in the "home of silk" Nanxun Ancient Town, Huzhou City, which is a place on the Shore of Taihu Lake with beautiful scenery and also in the hinterland of high-developed Yangtze Delta Region. The company was founded in 2002, occupying an area of 19800 square meters. At present it has a throughput of 5888 spindles of linen textile, while its flax fancy yarn adds more brilliance to its present splendor.

"Innovative team, credibility-standing, fulfilling details, pursuing brand" are the corporate culture of Huzhou Goldrich Linen Textile Co.,Ltd., these principles are also the core philosophy for establishment of brand culture and promoting the development of the company by the Goldrich staff.

Every Goldrich staff is favor of linen industry and loyal to the company. The team's professionalism is represented by insisting to study, research technology, implementing retails, and pursuing excellence.

Goldrich has always being employing excellent workers, offering comfortable working environment and living environment to the staff, and building good platforms for their talent showing. By virtue of the fair system and favorable payment, every staff is encouraged to make great efforts to drive the development of the company. Besides, Goldrich's special management system enables the managers to communicate effectively with each of the manufacturing staff in time, realizing integration of management and production, and creating harmonious working atmosphere.

In order to achieve better development of the company, Goldrich has always been committed to produce high-quality linen yarn, and making constant innovation based on fully understanding of flax's basic characteristics. Now a new linen product has been developed successfully----Cloris Top Dyed Linen Yarn. From the trial textile to mass production and to final market release, Goldrich staff displayed other charms of flax. In the future, Goldrich staff will make constant efforts, keep exploring and innovating, to display more charms of flax to people. Goldrich staff also expects to cooperate with the peers in the world for joint development and to describe the splendid linen culture in the beautiful waterside region of Huzhou.

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